The Dream

When we were youngsters, nothing but a spec of dust in this vast universe of life, we dreamed. We played, we cried, we fought.  Perhaps we shouted our dreams to the world. Perhaps we kept silent. Yet we dreamed. Sweet dreams. Nightmares. Monsters in the closet. Ships in the sea. Fortune & Fame.

For some dreams came true. For others, the world was dark, cold & uninviting. There was celebration, fame, accomplishment. A sense of belonging. On the flip side there was rejection, embarrassment, failure. A sense of doom. Darkness where light should be. Yet we dream.

For many life gets in the way. Choices are made that change the road we planned to travel. Sometimes choices are made for us when we are too young to defend ourselves. Sometimes we make choices before we have the full understanding of the consequences that will occur once we choose. Yet we dream.

“What is a dream but a vision? What is a vision but a dream? What are these things that come upon us, That torment us, While we are sleep. What does it mean, Theses Dreams we dream? And in these visions, What do we see? When in the morning,we awaken. As we wipe the sleep, From oust our eyes. Alas, we lose hold of the vision. It seems as if, The dream has died.” © 1981 by CC

Yet. We. Dream.


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