Life Goes On

It’s raining. It’s cold. It’s damp. Yet life goes on. My coworker’s Father is in the hospital. Things are not going as the family would like. My niece’s Father is in hospice. Things are not going as the family would like. Yet, life goes on.

I sit here contemplating the mysteries of the world. Of which I am but a speck of dust in the wind. I look back at the friends I’ve lost. The family members who have crossed over. Those who in one way or another added meaning to my world. There was a connection. There was a bond. It did not matter whether it was daily or occasional. All that mattered was that connection.

When that bond is broken, a part of of us goes missing. We feel lost. We become confused. We question when we should just be still & listen. To the quiet. The stillness. In our hearts. Our spirit cries out but we don’t hear. It whispers in our ear. It roars in our soul.

The hardest thing we face in life is learning to let go. This is no easy task. The memories we share. The good times & the bad. The laughter & the tears. All the years we had together. It’s hard. It’s so so hard. But sometimes, it is what’s required. It is what’s needed.

It will happen with or without our permission. This is what I’m thinking. This is what I feel. As I sit here remembering. Those who I loved left me here. Those whom I befriended left me here. Those who called me their friend left me here. For it was time for them, to travel to the next stage. It was time for me to let go.

Once again I must let go. Not because I want to. But because it is required. It is time. Time for those who matter to us be it in a small or a large way to go on a trip. One in which we are not yet allowed to travel. Our spirit lives on forever. The time comes when it must be freed to make that journey. It is not fair to hold them back. Yes it is hard. Tears will flow. Hearts will hurt. But this is something that we must all do at some point in our lives. More than once. More than we would like.

“In my Father’s house are many mansions…….”

Let Go & Let God. For Life…….goes on.


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